List of 2009 NSDI CAP Projects

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Cat Award No. Cooperator Title Primary Investigator Start Date Interim Report Final Report
1 G09AC00087 Winston-Salem State University, Transforming Communities Research Lab  Metadata 101: Hands on Training and Support for North Carolina Timothy Mulrooney 03/16/2009 Interim done
Final done 03/09/2010
1 G09AC00095 Penobscot Indian Nation Metadata Training and Outreach for Tribal Natural Resources and Environment Management in New England Areas Binke Wang 04/15/2009 Interim done
Final done 07/19/2010
2 G09AC00104 The Carbon Project GOS Dashboard - An Enterprise GIS Desktop Dashboard for the GOS Portal Jeff Harrison 04/01/2009 Interim done

Final done 10/04/2010

2 G09AC00103 Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing (CISC) at George Mason University Utilize GOS Map and Data Services for Cross-Agency Earth Science and Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure Communities Chaowei Phil Yang 06/01/2009 Interim done Final done 12/28/2010
2 G09AC00105 Innovate!, Inc. The Coeur d'Alene Tribe, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and US EPA GOS Integration Project Jessica Zichichi 04/01/2009 Interim done Final done 06/03/2010
2 G09AC00106 MobiLaps LLC Leveraging GOS Map and Data Services for Search and Rescue Operations using NASA WorldWind Open Source 3D Visualization Platform Nadine Alameh 07/27/2009 Interim done Final done 10/26/2010
3 G09AC00061 Delaware Geographic Data Committee Delaware Geospatial Data Coordination Strategic Planning Michael Mahaffie 02/20/2009 Interim done Final done 11/23/2010
3 G09AC00062 Arkansas Geographic Information Office Framework Data Development Sustainable Funding Plan Shelby Johnson 02/17/2009 Interim done Final done 06/18/2010
3 G09AC00063 Arizona Geographic Information Council AGIC Strategic and Business Plan Project Eugene Trobia 02/20/2009 Interim done Final done 06/18/2010
3 G09AC00064 Kentucky Division of Geographic Information Commonwealth of Kentucky Geospatial Strategic Plan Tom Rossman
02/20/2009 Interim done Final done 03/24/2011
3 G09AC00065 Michigan Center for Geographic Information Fifty States Initiative Creating a Statewide Geospatial Business Plan George Boersma 02/17/2009 Interim done

Final done 12/22/2010

3 G09AC00066 Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office Oregon Statewide Strategy for Geographic Information Management Cy Smith 03/01/2009 Interim done Final done 11/20/2010
3 G09AC00067 Virginia Information Technologies Agency Commonwealth of Virginia Five Year GIS Strategic Plan Development Daniel Widner 02/17/2009 Interim done Final done 04/06/2010
3 G09AC00068 Washington Geographic Information Council Update the Washington GIS Strategic Plan to Support the 50 States Initiatives and Build a Business Plan for Tracking Progress and Results in Washington Joy Paulus 02/20/2009 Interim done Final done 05/14/2010
4 G09AC00107  FortiusOne, Inc. Automating Tabular Data in a Geographic Context While Utilizing the GeoCommon's Platform Andrew Turner 05/05/2009 Interim done Final done 09/29/2010
5 G09AC00089 Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District Create Central Repository for Transportation Data John Torgerson
04/01/2009 Interim done Final done 09/30/2010
5 G09AC00090 Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI) Building Data Stewardship for The National Map and the NSDI in Michigan Rob Surber
03/30/2009 Interim done Final done 12/22/2010
5 G09AC00091 State of Montana Base Map Service Center Montana MSDI/NSDI Transportation Stewardship Stewart Kirkpatrick 07/01/2009 Interim done Final done 07/23/2010
5 G09AC00088 Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) Utah Transportation Data Exchange Framework Bert Granberg
03/18/2009 Interim done Final done 06/30/2011
6 G09AC00093 Old Dominion University Large-Scale Orthophoto Standards Development And Implementation Guoqing Zhou 07/01/2009 n/a Final done 12/01/2010
6 G09AC00092 OGC Interoperability Institute Development of Training Materials for NSDI Support Using Open Geospatial Consortium Standards Phillip Dibner 04/01/2009 Interim done Final done 08/29/2010
7 G09AC00082 INSIDE Idaho at the University of Idaho Library Idaho Roads Framework Bruce Godfrey 05/01/2009 Interim done Final done 12/13/2010
7 G09AC00080 DuPage County, Illinois Department of Information Technology, GIS Division Illinois NSDI GIS Data and Standards Coordination System Demonstration Project William Faedtke 05/08/2009 Interim done Final done 02/28/2011
7 G09AC00081 Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc. (IGIC) Demonstrating the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative with Four Key Framework Data Layers  Philip Worrall 06/01/2009 Interim done Final done 04/04/2011
7 G09AC00094 Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS) Eastern Missouri Collaborative Review and Maintenance of Tier 1 and Locally Critical Structures Mark Duewell 04/01/2009 Interim done Final done 10/08/2010