Illinois NSDI GIS Data and Standards Coordination System Demonstration Project

The purpose of this project was to design a system for GIS professionals in the State of Illinois that could be used as a model for standardized data sharing between local, regional, state, and federal agencies.

Many impediments exist today which severely limit the success of designing and implementing such a program. The State of Illinois government has available a very limited number of resources to serve in the coordination of GIS activities between these various levels of government. The Federal government presently does not offer a set of definitive GIS standards that could be used as a common means of data exchange. In many cases GIS users are not even aware of the limited number of existing standards available on a national level.

There has been a great deal of collaboration In Illinois between GIS agencies on a local level, but as of this date there has been no sustainable program developed to coordinate all GIS activities throughout the State.

The final report outlines a series of practical, achievable steps that can be taken today by GIS agencies throughout the State to successfully coordinate these independent GIS programs until such time that the Federal government and/or the State government fulfills this role.

Final Report

Interim Report

Project Introduction Presentation (PDF)

DuPage County, Illinois Department of Information Technology, GIS Division


William Faedtke

William M. Syversen

Shelley Silch, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Illinois