Arizona Geographic Information Council Strategic and Business Plan Project

Creation of the AGIC Strategic and Business Plans through the NSGIC 50 States Initiative allowed a formal outreach effort to the Arizona GIS Community of unprecedented breadth and scope. This effort captured and documented input from city, county, state, tribal and private businesses to insure that the Strategic Plan and Business Plan were formulated using broad Arizona perspectives on GIS priorities. The Strategic Plan documented numerous ideas that had been discussed at length within the Council, but that had not been formalized prior to the availability of the FGDC CAP funding. The Business Plan resulted in an in-depth review of the Arizona Geospatial Clearinghouse and an analysis of what steps would be required to create it. Eight years had lapsed since AGIC had been able to make a concerted effort to update the Strategic Plan. Creation of the Business Plan was a first for AGIC. Both of these documents make it possible for AGIC to move purposefully forward in fulfilling it’s mission to serve as Arizona's primary forum and oversight group for geographic information, geographic information technology issues and coordination efforts.

Final Report  -- Strategic Plan -- Business Plan

Interim Report

Arizona Geographic Information Council

Arizona State Cartographer’s Office

Arizona State Land Department


Eugene Trobia, State Cartographer,  State Cartographer’s Office, Arizona State Land Department

Kevin Blake, AGIC President Elect ‘09

Jana Hutchins, AGIC President Elect ‘10

Timothy Smothers, AGIC President

Tom Sturm, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Arizona and Nevada

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