National Geospatial Advisory Committee

The National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) is a Federal Advisory Committee sponsored by the Department of the Interior. The NGAC is authorized under the Geospatial Data Act of 2018, and operates under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The NGAC reports to the Chair of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (Secretary of the Interior). The scope and objectives of the NGAC are described in the Geospatial Data Act:
"The Advisory Committee shall: (1) provide advice and recommendations relating to (A) the management of Federal and national geospatial programs; (B) the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure; and (C) implementation of the Geospatial Data Act; (2) review and comment on geospatial policy and management issues; and (3) ensure the views of representatives of non-Federal interested parties involved in national geospatial activities are conveyed to the Federal Geographic Data Committee."

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Key documents

2020: Recommendations on the 2020 NSDI Strategic PlanNGAC Use Case: Addressing the Opioid Crisis | NGAC Use Case: Improving Foster Care Outcomes | NGAC Use Case: North Carolina Flood Mapping Program | NGAC Use Case: Road Maintenance | NGAC Use Case: Successful 2020 Census Enabled with Geospatial Tools | Summary of 2020 NGAC Use Cases | Landsat Data: Community Standard for Data Calibration

2019: Initial Comments on Geospatial Data Act Implementation | Evaluation of a Range of Landsat Data Cost Sharing Models | Infrastructure Renewal Best Practices | Comments on the Revision of OMB Circular A-16 | Protecting Federal Cultural and Historical Geospatial Resources

2018:  Landsat Future Missions Recommendations | Landsat Data Cube Feasibility for Forecasting | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Permit Streamlining | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Underground Renewal | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Pavement Management | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - NYCRIS  | NGAC Paper - Geospatial Data as a Service: A Vital Investment in American Enterprise and Innovation | NGAC Paper - Geospatial Data as a Service - Use Cases

2017Geospatial Information: The Key to Smart Infrastructure Investments  | Geospatial Standards - A National Asset 

2016NGAC 2017 Transition Recommendations  |  NGAC 2017 Transition Graphic  |  Comments on OMB Circular A-16 and the Geospatial Policy Framework  |  Emerging Technologies and the Geospatial Landscape  |  Comments on the National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Portfolio Management Process  |  Analysis of Non-Federal Landsat User Requirements

More Key Documents


The NGAC holds three to four public meetings each year. The public is invited to attend and offer comments at all committee meetings, which are announced by publication in the Federal Register at least 15 days before the meeting date.