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Advancing Geographic Place-based Understanding through the GeoPlatform

The FGDC coordinates the sharing of geographic data, maps, and online services through an online portal,

Government, industry, and individual citizens increasingly rely on information linked to location for planning, investment, and management activities. The ability to display information through interactive maps helps to communicate complex ideas more clearly and supports informed decision making. Because geospatial information involves a significant investment of resources, many government agencies are coordinating their efforts to reduce costs, improve the quality of services, and increase efficiency. The Geospatial Platform (GeoPlatform) is a strategic national resource that supports requirements of the Geospatial Data Act of 2018,  Administration's–Open Government, Open Data and Digital Government strategies to enhance transparency, collaboration and participation.  

The GeoPlatform provides a suite of well‐managed, highly available, and trusted geospatial data, services, and applications for use by Federal agencies—and their State, local, Tribal, and regional partners to meet their mission needs and the broader needs of the Nation.  The GeoPlatform was developed by the member agencies of the FGDC through collaboration with partners and stakeholders. The GeoPlatform is being implemented to help agencies meet their mission needs, including communicating with and publishing data and maps to the public. The GeoPlatform focuses on web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing, interoperability, user‐centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. The GeoPlatform is a key component connecting many goals of the NSDI Strategic Plan in advancing the NSDI and GSDI. The portfolio of data, applications, and services provided on the GeoPlatform is stewarded through the use of open licenses and careful review and hosted on cloud infrastructure that maximizes geospatial interoperability.   The GeoPlatform provides streamlined access to National Geospatial Data Assets and reduces data duplication. The collaborative GeoPlatform Marketplace helps reduce data acquisition costs. GeoPlatform's many tools and dashboards support the A-16 Portfolio Management process.

The Geospatial Platform functions as the service and delivery mechanism for the Federal portfolio of geospatial data, services, and applications, and as the integration point for the discovery, access, and joint use of Federal and non-Federal geospatial data and services.  Data of the highest value, reliability, and accuracy are found at the agencies where they are created and managed, whether a Federal, State, Tribal, regional, local, or nongovernmental organization. Providing timely and efficient discovery, access, and use of this data is the core mission of the Geospatial Platform.

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Geoplatform Portal Features

Geospatial Platform Services

GeoPlatform Service Catalog
  • Data Services - The GeoPlatform delivers trusted, nationally consistent, authoritative geographically enriched social, economic, environmental and other data for understanding and decision making.
  • Applications and Tools  - The GeoPlatform provides a suite of applications and tools for integrating, synthesizing, analyzing, problem-solving and visualizing geographically enriched data to accelerate understanding and decision-making.
  • Shared Services - The GeoPlatform provides shared hosting infrastructure that allows agencies to publish their geospatial data, applications, and tools in a secure cloud-computing environment at a low cost.