National Address Database

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) established the National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Address Theme in August 2016. The Lead Agencies for the Theme are the Department of Transportation and the Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau. 

A large component of the Address Theme will be a National Address Database. In September 2016, the Department of Transportation completed a National Address Database pilot project that included identifying a minimum data content guideline and examining approaches to assist counties that haven't previously had electronic address data.

The FGDC Steering Committee, in concurrence with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), approved the creation of a NGDA Address Theme on August 8, 2016.  The addition of the new theme represents an official change to the list of NGDA Data Themes established as part of previous updates to OMB Circular A-16, Appendix E. The Address Theme will be supported by a subcommittee and will support the ongoing work to develop a National Address Database. The current list of NGDA Themes is available here.

The National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) has provided very helpful advice and recommendations on the potential development of a National Address Database, including a 2012 white paper, “The Need for a National Address Database.”  The NGAC has also developed use cases demonstrating the value and utility of a National Address Database.