FGDC Office of the Secretariat

The FGDC Office of the Secretariat (FGDC OS) staff listed below provides support to all components of the FGDC.  

Ivan Deloatch

FGDC Executive Director

Phone: 703-648-5752
E-mail: ideloatch@fgdc.gov


Ken Shaffer

FGDC Deputy Executive Director

Phone: 703-648-5740
E-mail: kmshaffer@fgdc.gov


Jen Carlino

Metadata Coordinator

Phone: 303-202-4260
E-mail: jcarlino@usgs.gov


John Mahoney

Senior Policy Advisor

Phone: 206-220-4621
E-mail: jmahoney@fgdc.gov


Julie Binder Maitra

Standards Coordinator

Phone: 703-648-4627
E-mail: jmaitra@fgdc.gov


Lorna Schmid

Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Lead Secretariat and National Contact

Phone: 703-648-6834


Lucia Foulkes

Interagency Coordinator

Phone: 703-648-4142
E-mail: lfoulkes@usgs.gov


Rich Frazier

Senior Advisor for Geo Technology

Phone: 703-648-5733


Roxanne Lamb

Program Analyst

Phone: 804-261-2653
E-mail: rhlamb@fgdc.gov


Sarah Davis

Program Analyst

Phone: 703-648-4368


Vaishal Sheth

Website and Project Support Services

Phone: 703-648-5930