Geospatial Software SmartBUY Blanket Purchase Agreement

Note: SmartBUY ended in 2013. The information provided on these pages is for reference and historical purposes only.

SmartBUY was a federal government procurement vehicle designed to promote effective enterprise-level software management.  It was established in 2008 as a five year process that ended in 2013. It leveraged the government's buying power to potentially save millions of taxpayer dollars through aggregate buying of commercial off-the-shelf software products with pre-negotiated prices, terms and conditions. In addition, the SmartBUY program assisted agencies achieve greater standardization, improved configuration management and more robust IT security. The FGDC’s Geospatial Line of Business (LoB) initiative served as the organizational umbrella for the development of SmartBUY.

SmartBUY Cost Savings

Cost savings from the September 30, 2009, award to summer 2013 are shown in the table  below and demonstrate the value and success of the Geospatial LoB SmartBUY.

Geospatial Total SalesSmartBUY SalesGSA Schedule ValueCost Avoidance
SAIC $8,202,315 $8,681,123 $478,808
ISC $6,446 $6,529 $83
Planet Associates $2,904,291 $3,959,696 $1,055,405
Onix Networking $10,238,983 $50,876,357 $40,637,374
Esri $68,940 $625,006 $556,066
Total (Inception To Date) $21,420,975 $64,148,711 $42,727,736

Vendor Information

The links below contained detailed information about the offered software, pricing and terms and conditions.

The original ESRI SmartBUY award continues to offer the ESRI product line with ELA terms (pdf)

Ordering Procedures

Use this decision tree, along with the additional details in the paragraphs below, to help you determine how to procure geospatial software.  This includes acquiring a new geospatial software solution or transitioning an existing agreement/license to this Geospatial Software SmartBUY BPA. 

Smartbuy ordering proceduresContact Smartbuy VendorsContact Smartbuy VendorsContact Smartbuy Vendors


  • If this is a new task order/license agreement for products and/or services offered under the Geospatial Software SmartBUY BPA, you will first have to speak with your agency/program Contracting Officer (CO) to determine whether a Statement of Work (SOW) is required.  Your CO can help you write a SOW that suits your specific needs for items offered through this BPA. A SOW Example [DOC] has been provided for your reference. More information about the use of SOWs when ordering from GSA can be found in the Understanding a Statement of Work (pdf) section of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules Program Owner’s Manual.  Also included in the Owner’s Manual are ordering procedures for acquisitions requiring and not requiring a SOW (pdf).
  • If your agency has an existing contractual agreement or license with a Geospatial Software SmartBUY Holder (vendor) for products or services similar to those offered under the Geospatial Software SmartBUY BPA, your agency has the option to transition the existing agreement or license to the Geospatial Software SmartBUY BPA vehicle.  In such instances, you should have received written notification from that vendor regarding their SmartBUY award.  Vendors are required to enter into good faith negotiations to lower their prices to be comparable with those of similar products and services offered under the Geospatial Software SmartBUY BPA:
    1. with full credit for all funds paid under the previous arrangements, and
    2. without penalty, including but not limited to additional transfer fees, startup costs, or activation fees.
    To initiate transition of your existing licenses and agreements, your agency CO needs to contact the vendor.

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