NGAC Key Documents

2019: Initial Comments on Geospatial Data Act Implementation

2018:  Landsat Future Missions Recommendations | Landsat Data Cube Feasibility for Forecasting | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Permit Streamlining | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Underground Renewal | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - Pavement Management | NGAC Infrastructure Use Case - NYCRIS  | NGAC Paper - Geospatial Data as a Service: A Vital Investment in American Enterprise and Innovation | NGAC Paper - Geospatial Data as a Service - Use Cases

2017Geospatial Information: The Key to Smart Infrastructure Investments  | Geospatial Standards - A National Asset 

2016NGAC 2017 Transition Recommendations  |  NGAC 2017 Transition Graphic  |  Comments on OMB Circular A-16 and the Geospatial Policy Framework  |  Emerging Technologies and the Geospatial Landscape  |  Comments on the National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Portfolio Management Process  |  Analysis of Non-Federal Landsat User Requirements

2015The Changing Geospatial Landscape – A Second Look  |  3DEP Data Acquisition Coordination  |  Sentinel Data Use Policies  |  NGAC Comments - NAPA Report on FEMA Flood Mapping Program  |  FGDC-NGAC History Presentation

2014NGAC National Address Database Use Case Paper  |  NGAC Landsat Economic Value Paper - 2014 Update

2013Toward a New Strategic Vision for the NSDI  |  NGAC Landsat Product Improvement Paper  |  NGAC Landsat Cloud Computing Paper  |  NGAC Comments on NRC Landsat Report

2012NGAC Innovative Strategies Paper  |  NGAC Workforce Development Paper  |  NGAC Geospatial Strategy Paper  |  NGAC National Address Database Paper  |  The Value Proposition for Ten Landsat Applications  |  NGAC Paper: Statement on Landsat Data Use and Charges  

2011NGAC Interagency Data Sharing Paper  |  NGAC Local Government GIS Best Practices Paper  |  NGAC Local Government GIS Best Practices Flyer

2010:  Geospatial Platform: Managing Partner Discussion Paper  |  Geospatial Platform: Intergovernmental Coordination Discussion Paper  |  Geospatial Platform: Stakeholder Engagement Discussion Paper