Fifty States Initiative Creating a Statewide Geospatial Business Plan

The business plan identifies specific ways to improve statewide access to geographic data and services which support the business needs of the entire GIS community in Michigan. Two fundamental assumptions guided project work: a) plan preparation planning effort has maintained a statewide perspective with a focus on the needs of and coordination among all Michigan GIS stakeholder groups and b) plan objectives and implementation initiatives will support broad goals of Michigan’s 2008 Information Technology Strategic Plan.

To provide a sound foundation for business planning, the project consultants, in coordination with the project Steering Committee, gathered and evaluated information from the statewide GIS community through: a) review of documents and Web-based sources; b) a Web-based survey publicly available to all interested respondents; c) regional “listening sessions” held at 5 different locations throughout Michigan; d) interviews with selected leaders in the statewide GIS community; and e) considerable review and comment (by all interested parties) on draft reports and versions of the plan.

At the end of the day this business planning process resulted in an actionable, statewide GIS Business Plan. Furthermore, it was successfully in increasing the amount of collaboration happening around GIS throughout the State of Michigan.

Final Report -- Michigan Statewide GIS Business Plan

Interim Report

Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI)

Michigan IT Strategic Plan


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Steve Aichele, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Michigan

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