Idaho Roads Framework

Outcomes of the project include:

1. A Findings and Recommendations report
2. The addition of new or updated data from several data stewards
3. Enhancement of their Local-to-State-to-Federal (L2S2F) automated aggregation tool

The Findings and Recommendations report outlines keys to successful implementation of roads framework in Idaho. The report outlines the need for clearly defined business cases and intended applications, the identification of a state agency to lead the effort, drafting of data format and content standards as well as clarifying procedures (i.e. rules) and maintaining sound metadata. It goes on to recommend building on the successful pilot project and other efforts, providing assistance for updates in jurisdictions with inadequate resources, and a plan for stewardship implementation.

New or updated data from Clearwater County, Fremont County, Gem County, Latah County, Boise County, and the U.S. Census Bureau has been integrated into the pilot program. Data from county/city and tribal jurisdictions totals 22 counties. The remaining 22 counties in Idaho as populated with features from 2009 Census TIGER data.

Enhancements were made to our Local-to-State-to-Federal (L2S2F) automated aggregation tool. This Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool has been migrated to new hardware, has undergone extensive redesign and rewriting of the underlying computer code, and enhancements in the reporting functionality were made.

Final Report (PDF)

Interim Report (PDF)

Project Introduction Presentation (PDF)

INSIDE Idaho at the University of Idaho Library


Bruce Godfrey, GISP GIS Specialist

Scott Van Hoff, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Idado and Washington