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Award Number G09AC00066, Category 3: Fifty States Initiative

Oregon Statewide Strategy for Geographic Information Management

The project will produce a refreshed strategic plan for geographic information management and coordination for Oregon. The previous plan was created in 2001, prior to the Fifty States Initiative. While that plan was for development of Oregon’s portion of the NSDI, there are aspects of the Fifty States Initiative that can be improved in Oregon with development of a refreshed plan. A detailed business plan was developed last year for the Oregon program, called navigatOR that was based on strategic discussions with the Council and their understanding of the Fifty States Initiative but no documentation of the strategy behind that business plan has been produced.

Six facilitated meetings will be conducted in various parts of the state to involve as many local, regional, tribal, academic, business, state, and federal partners as possible in refreshing and revising our collaborative strategic plan for navigatOR. A group of approximately ten GIS and accounting professionals from around the country will develop an accounting mechanism to track the accrual of benefits from coordinated development of GIS. This will be a tool that any government agency at any level will be able to use to help justify continued investment in coordinated GIS development.

Final Report -- Oregon Strategic Plan for Geospatial Information Management

Interim Report

Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

Oregon Geographic Information Council


Cy Smith

Milt Hill

Ed Arabas

Sheri Schneider, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Oregon

Link to more information about the 50 States Initiative

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