Automating Tabular Data in a Geographic Context While Utilizing the GeoCommon's Platform

FortiusOne has completed their FGDC CAP grant by extending the GeoCommons platform, enabling it to dynamically georeference tabular data with both point locations and place boundaries (polygons). This includes geocoding of street-­‐level address data as well as referencing with datasets by a common foreign key. In the first phase, FortiusOne developed an open-­‐source geocoding engine that is currently in use on GeoCommons public website. In the second phase FortiusOne developed an additional spatial join capability across arbitrary data attributes in addition to providing an industry standard service interface to data and maps – also publicly available on GeoCommons. In order to validate and demonstrate the georeferencing capabilities, FortiusOne georeferenced datasets from, USASpending, and FCC. The culmination of these efforts was an adoption of the technology by FCC to deliver IssueMap – a Web based application that turns pasted or uploaded tabular data into thematic maps that can be shared across social media service or embedded on websites.

Key Outcomes

1. Developed a GeoCoder and GeoJoin capabilities a. US TIGER Data b. OpenStreetMap c. Arbitrary Boundaries (FIPS, ISO, et al)
2. Added OGC Standard Services: Catalog Services for Web (CSW), Web Map Service (WMS)
3. Deployed to GeoCommons and GeoIQ Federal, Intel, NGO, and Enterprise Customers a. Deployed to Afghanistan and Haiti
4. Open-­‐Sourced, adopted and growing by several geospatial companies and communities
5. Integrated into the FCC IssueMap Web application

Final Report

Interim Report

Presentation to FGDC Coordination Group (PDF), November 3, 2009

Project Introduction Presentation (PDF)




Andrew Turner

Sean Gorman

Kristen Egermeier