Delaware Geospatial Data Coordination Strategic Planning

This project served to bring the Delaware GIS Community together to discuss its progress so far and to face various choices for continuing that progress into the future. The process of discussing, crafting and approving a strategic plan has crystallized the community around the idea of requesting that the state of Delaware formally establish a GIS Coordination Office. The plan has two main goals: creating a GIS Office and establishing a GIS fund that is “dedicated to the expansion and improvement of Delaware’s framework data and spatial data infrastructure.” The strategic plan and a subsequent business plan spell out the successes so far of GIS in Delaware, the opportunities ahead, the challenges of establishing the Office, and the benefits of the proposed Office.

The strategic planning process has informed not only the members of the Delaware GIS Community but also the leadership of the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination which has adopted establishment of the GIS Office as a top item in its proposed list of priorities for the next fiscal year. This list has been submitted to the Governor’s office for consideration as part of the Governor’s agenda for the next fiscal year. Results of this submission will not been known until after the first of the year.

Final Report

Interim Report

Delaware Geographic Data Committee


Mr. Michael Mahaffie, Delaware Office of Management & Budget

Roger Barlow,  USGS State Liaison for Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, and New Jersey
(703) 648-5189

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