Montana MSDI/NSDI Transportation Stewardship

The outcome of the 2009 Montana MSDI/NSDI CAP grant for Transportation Stewardship was successful overall with all but one goal completed as proposed. This grant allowed the Base Map Service Center (BMSC) to continue to work towards a federated approach with the GIS community in Montana. Part of this collaborative strategy is securing data-sharing agreements with local data providers to the framework transportation dataset. Progress was made with five agreements in place and several others under consideration by providers. Though agreements were not secured with all data providers, positive relationships were made and will grow and ultimately lead to data-sharing partnerships. Other successes of this grant enabled the completion of templates to streamline new data review, processing and loading the framework; developed web services; and,provided reporting and outreach to the GIS community.

Final Report

Interim Report

State of Montana Base Map Service Center -- Montana GIS Portal


Stewart Kirkpatrick

Joshua Dorris

Lance Clampitt, USGS Liaison for Montana