GOS Dashboard - An Enterprise GIS Desktop Dashboard for the Geospatial One-Stop Portal

This project developed enterprise applications to enable at-a-glance visualization of geospatial assets and monitoring of key GOS Portal search functions. This effort was focused on designing, developing, documenting and deploying open source enterprise applications to enable “at-a-glance” visualization of geospatial assets and monitoring of GOS Portal search functions. During this effort The Carbon Project developed and released multiple versions of the open source dashboard for Geodata.gov, the federal government’s information service for maps and data. Releases were followed by testing with Geodata.gov and a variety of NSDI services, including Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) from MassGIS, Pacific Disaster Center, USGS, CubeWerx, ESRI and others. Testing showed the GOS Portal yielded near-instant instant access to the NSDI services. In addition, The Carbon Project established an online forum for collaborative discussion of GOS Dashboard functions and conducted workshops for the open source GOS Dashboard - the beginning a community dialog on the functions of geospatial dashboards with NSDI users and developers. Based on feedback from these workshops, The Carbon Project developed a second web-based version of the tool. This tool consisted of an open source web widget able to access Geodata.gov search functions and deploy open geospatial applications such as Gaia from any web page. Simple to understand and high in ROI, the GOS Dashboard and Widget have the potential to fill a vital gap in the use of open-geospatial web services and become a "must-have" for all federal enterprises.

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