Commonwealth of Kentucky Geospatial Strategic Plan

Funding from a Fifty States Initiative, Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) grant made possible the development of the Commonwealth Geospatial Strategic Plan (CGSP) by the Geographic Information Advisory Council (GIAC) of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in concert with the Commonwealth Office of Technology’s Division of Geographic Information (DGI). Following its reconstitution, and working closely with DGI, the GIAC held three listening sessions around the Commonwealth to gather stakeholder input for the development of the CGSP. An on-line survey gathered additional feedback from those who could not attend the listening sessions. Thus, the CGSP reflects the general trends of feedback received from the in-person listening sessions and meetings, in addition to broad themes and preliminary statistics from the online feedback. The objectives and action items in the CGSP are the result of the open and inclusive process used to gather information used in its development, making it an accurate representation of the needs of the Commonwealth as seen by its major stakeholders in the latter part of 2010. A more thorough and comprehensive analysis of the large number of feedback responses will be one of the objectives in the next cycle of plan discussion and revision at the GIAC level, resulting in a actualized version of the CGSP and specific business plans to fund geospatial activities in the Commonwealth. Based on the recommendations issued by the community through the CGSP, DGI will develop business plans for two data need priorities, namely a statewide LiDAR acquisition program and the development of an address repository/geocoding service.

Final Report -- Geospatial Strategic Plan

Interim Report

Kentucky Division of Geographic Information


Tom Rossman, Director, Division of Geographic Information

Demetrio Zourarkis

Bruce Bauch, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Kentucky and Tennessee


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