List of 2010 NSDI CAP Projects

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Cat Award No. Cooperator Title Primary Investigator Start Date Interim Report  Final Report and 425
1 G10AC00203 Champaign County Regional Planning Commission Champaign County Regional Planning Commission Metadata Training and Outreach Leanne Brehob-Riley 05/03/2010 Interim done Final done 09/28/2011
1 G10AC00202 Marshall University Hit the Ground Running with Metadata Training and Support for West Virginia Sang Hong Yoo 05/01/2010 Interim done Final done 06/27/2011
1 G10AC00236 National Association of Regional Councils Metadata for OGC-based Geospatial Services Jenee Kresge 04/21/2010 Interim done Final done 07/21/2011
1 G10AC00227 Westat, Inc. DC Metro Metadata Dissemination Fran Bents 06/01/2010 Interim done Final done 05/18/2011
2 G10AC00237 Arkansas Geographic Information Office - Carbon Project Coordinating Local, State and National Data Stores Nuke Goldstein 04/19/2010 Interim done Final done 01/23/2012
2 G10AC00242 Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc. Indiana High and Local-Resolution NHD Update Geo-Synchronization Philip Worrall 06/01/2010 Interim done Final done 8/29/2011
2 G10AC00238 New Hampshire Geological Survey - CubeWerx USA New Hampshire NHD Geo-Synchronization Network Jeff Harrison 04/22/2010 Interim done Final done 02/13/2012
3 G10AC00176 State of Alabama Alabama Strategic and Business Plan Development Phillip Henderson 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 09/07/2011
3 G10AC00178 State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities Alaska GIS Strategic and Business Plan Development and Advancement Nick Mastrodicasa 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 02/29/2012
3 G10AC00174 Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs – MassGIS A Business Plan for Standardized Assessors Parcels for Massachusetts Neil MacGaffey 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 07/15/2011
3 G10AC00175 Mississippi State University Enhancement of the Mississippi GIS Strategic Plan for Underserved Communities David Shaw 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 05/06/2011
3 G10AC00173 Ohio Office of Information Technology Ohio 50 States Initiative Strategic Planning Initiative Stuart Davis
03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 08/30/2011
4 G10AC00172 District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer District of Columbia Geographic Information System Business Plan Barney Krucoff
03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 08/18/2011
4 G10AC00168 Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council Development of Ortho-Imagery Business Plan for the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council Authur Buto
03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 06/02/2011
4 G10AC00170 Idaho State University Business Plan Development for Regional Resource Centers in Idaho Keith Weber 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 03/01/2011
4 G10AC00169 State of Maine, Maine Office of GIS Piloting the Municipal-State-Federal Partnership for Cadastral Data in Maine Michael Smith 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 05/19/2011
4 G10AC00171 New York State Office of Cyber Security & Critical Infrastructure Coordination Business Plan Development for Centralized Access to Consistent Cadastral GIS Data for New York State William Johnson 03/07/2010 Interim done Final done 12/06/2011
5 G10AC00239 Metropolitan Council

Measuring Public Value of Geospatial Commons: A MetroGIS Case Study

Randy Johnson 04/30/2010 Interim done Final done 01/11/2012
5 G10AC00240 North Carolina Office of the State Chief Information Officer Building a Business Case for Shared Geospatial Data and Services to Support Transportation Planning in North Carolina Tim Johnson 03/31/2010 Interim done Final done 04/27/2015
5 G10AC00241 Iowa Geographic Information Council A Return on Investment Case Study of Iowa One Map Jim Giglierano 05/04/2010 Interim done Final done 03/21/2012
6 G10AC00204 The Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. ASWM Outreach and Training for FGDC Wetland Mapping Standard Jeanne Christie 04/30/2010 Interim done Final done 10/03/2011
6 G10AC00229 California Emergency Management Agency Enhancement of the DHS GDM Adoption for Emergency Response Diane Vaughan 04/09/2010 Interim done Final done 03/07/2014
7 G10AC00235 Eastern Carolina Council Taking It to the Next Level: NCStreetMap 2.0 Local to State Transformational Data Exchange Alex Rickard 05/11/2010 Interim done Final done 1/12/2013
7 G10AC00206 MassGIS - Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs Building and Maintaining a Map of Locations for Structures with Addresses Christian Jacqz 04/30/2010 Interim done Final done 11/15/2012
7 G10AC00205 Minnesota Geospatial Information Office Minnesota Local Government Boundaries -- An Initiative to Support the National Map and NSDI Chris Cialek 05/03/2010 Interim done Final done 03/31/2012
7 G10AC00207 State of Oregon Implementing Best Practices for Road Centerline Data Sharing in Oregon Cy Smith 07/30/2010 Interim done Final done 9/26/2012