New York

Business Plan Development for Centralized Access to Consistent Cadastral GIS Data for New York State

In 2008, New York State completed a comprehensive Strategic Plan that set a vision and priorities to advance New York State’s geospatial development for the next five years. The goal of the 2010 NSDI CAP grant award was to begin addressing the Strategic Plan’s highest priority recommendation – to formally pursue a program to develop a statewide parcel data layer.

CAP grant funds were used to develop a business plan that lays out the steps needed to reach this goal and includes a business case that supports state and local government investments in implementing these recommendations. The project involved four primary tasks:

  • Retaining the services of a professional consultant team to assist with developing the business plan;
  • Creation, data collection, review, and analysis of a parcel inventory survey;
  • Information gathering through individual interview sessions and correspondence with key stakeholders, meetings with professional state associations; and
  • Development of the business plan, which included several in-depth discussions with and input from the NYS GIS Coordinating Body.

Information gathering sessions successfully reached key stakeholders and garnered valuable input and diverse opinions from those who create parcel data in the assessment and real property tax offices and from parcel data users at the regional, state, and national levels of government. Their input helped to identify the existing challenges that have so far prevented universal sharing of parcel data in New York State. The business plan provides strategies to successfully overcome these challenges and documents the benefits of a publically-accessible statewide parcel data set across all levels of governments. Also included is an implementation plan that focuses on practical and achievable first steps that can be pursued during the first two years of the program. Implementation would be incremental, initially engaging those counties who are willing to share their data now or in the near term. This approach would provide proof of concept, yield quick results, and generate the collaboration needed to carry the program forward towards voluntary participation by all counties in New York State.

Final Report -- Business Plan for Statewide Cadastral Data

Interim Report

NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
     (formerly the New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination)


William Johnson, Deputy Director, Office of Cyber Security

Cheryl Benjamin, GIS Project Manager, Office of Cyber Security

Frank Winters, Assistant Deputy Director for GIS Programs, Office of Cyber Security

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