Development of Ortho-Imagery Business Plan for the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council

This plan builds on one of the Programmatic Goals of HIGICC's CAP-funded 2009 Strategic Plan – "develop a strategy for assisting data acquisition projects and developing geospatial data standards that cross geographic and administrative boundaries." Although this plan focuses specifically on imagery, it will serve as a process model for addressing other framework data layers.

Strategies were developed based on the outcomes of an Imagery Workshop that brought together key stakeholders from around the state, and on the results of pre- and post-workshop surveys of the local geospatial community. These strategies provide the Council with some direction for pursuing the three programmatic goals of this project:

1. Define a mechanism to support periodic statewide imagery acquisition. a) Enhance communication among partners to facilitate collaborative imagery acquisition efforts; b) acquire statewide imagery through existing Federal programs; and c) create imagery consortia to pool limited resources.

2. Facilitate the adoption of a set of metadata standards. Create a working group to identify minimum standards for metadata, and develop and oversee an implementation plan to ensure their widespread adoption.

3. Develop an online spatial data and dissemination mechanism. a) Develop a basic portal providing simple links to data sites; b) develop online web map capability with geographic and keyword searches along with static ftp download; and c) develop more sophisticated portal sites that include web mapping and searching capabilities and might also include data hosting.

Although additional planning will be needed to flesh out some of these options based on the priorities and resources of the Council, work has already begun in anticipation of carrying out these strategies.

Final Report -- Business Plan for Imagery, Metadata, and GIS Data Portal

Interim Report

Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council


Arthur J. Buto, President, HIGICC
Email: arthur.j.buto@hawaii.gov

Henry Wolter, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Hawaii and Pacific Islands, NSDI Partnership Office

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