Alabama Strategic and Business Plan Development

Governor Bob Riley through Executive Order 38 in November of 2007, established a statewide GIS collaboration and coordination effort by creating a GIS Executive Council and its GIS Advisory Committee. It was not until 2009 that these governing bodies began actively pursuing an agenda to coordinate GIS efforts around the state to ensure statewide representation of stakeholder interests. Governor Robert Bentley through Executive Order 16 in May of 2011, rescinded Governor Riley’s Executive Order 38. The new Executive Order has made significant improvements to GIS efforts across the state. The Strategic Plan that was completed in February 2011, from this CAP 3 grant, played a significant role in the creation of Executive Order 16. This includes the recommendation that county and local municipal governments be added as permanent representatives on the GIS Executive Council. In addition, all of the key agencies that were in place remain in place. Another important recommendation from the Strategic Plan that was implemented was the creation of the Alabama Geographic Information Program Office. One of the key purposes of this Office is to coordinate GIS efforts statewide based upon input from the GIS Executive Council. In addition, the director of the State Program Office will serve as the chairman of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is in the process of reestablishing its membership. It is important to note that the Strategic Plan created from the grant has greatly influenced decisions by Governor Bentley and his cabinet. As a result, key components of the Strategic Plan are being implemented.

Final Report -- Strategic and Business Plan

Interim Report

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA)


Phillip Henderson, ADECA GIS Manager, GISP (Alabama GIS Committee Vice-Chair) 

Chris Johnson, Senior Vice President – Geospatial Training and Application Center, GISP (Alabama GIS Committee Chair)

Mike Vanhook, GIS Coordinator, ISD Geospatial Office

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