ASWM Outreach and Training for FGDC Wetland Mapping Standard

The purpose of this project was to carry out key recommendations included in the Implementation Plan for the FGDC Wetlands Mapping Standard adopted in July of 2009.   Through this project the Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM), in collaboration with members of the Wetlands Mapping Standard Workgroup and the Federal Geographic Data Committee Wetlands Subcommittee, developed training materials and established a forum for enhanced expert communication and resolution of technical issues.  Over a period of 15 months ASWM collaborated primarily with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to develop online training materials on wetland mapping.  Four on-line wetland training modules are available to the public.  They can be found at: The training will enable wetland mappers to adopt the FGDC wetlands mapping standard so that new wetland mapping projects conducted will be consistent with the wetland mapping standard and can be added to the Wetlands Layer of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and The National Map.

In addition, ASWM, in partnership with Virginia Tech, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and subject experts, has organized a Wetland Mapping Consortium, a forum to broaden discussion and resolution of wetland mapping challenges.  The Wetland Mapping Consortium currently has 156 members.  During the project ASWM hosted webinars and conference calls and made presentations at three conferences on the Wetland Mapping Consortium.  To join or learn about the Wetland Mapping Consortium, please visit:

Final Report -- Online Wetland Training Modules

Interim Report

Project Introduction Presentation (4.13 MB)

Association of State Wetland Managers

Implementation Plan for the FGDC Wetlands Mapping Standard 


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