Indiana High and Local-Resolution NHD Update Geo-Synchronization

Indiana’s NHD Geosynchronization project streamlines the workflows involved in communicating and integrating updates to our existing High-Resolution and new Local-Resolution National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) data. In our design, the updating process is facilitated through a suite of web services which include transmission, review, rejection or approval, and synchronization of NHD updates, as well as subscription and notification services for enabling user-specific information access. Collectively, this extensible framework of services is known as the Indiana Geosynchronization Suite (IGSS).

The IGSS provides updating and publishing functionality for NHD data within the current operating environment of Indiana’s Geographic Information Office (NHD steward), Indiana Office of Technology, State and Local NHD data users, maintainers, and the USGS. Image Matters LLC successfully completed development and testing on the IGSS in Q1 2011. Presentations on the IGSS, including demonstrations, have included delivery to the CAP Category 2 group (via teleconferencing), two sessions at the 2011 Indiana GIS Conference (March 2), and are planned for the URSIA GIS-Pro Conference in Indianapolis (November 2011). 

Final Report

Interim Report

Project Introduction Presentation

Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc.



Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer, IOT-GIO

Phil Worrall, IGIC Executive Director

Dr. Jeff Ehman, Image Matters