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District of Columbia Geographic Information System Business Plan

As proposed, this business plan is a follow-on action to the District of Columbia GIS Strategic Plan (January 2009). This business plan focuses primarily on four strategic areas within DC GIS: Mapping Data; Geospatial Applications; Web Services; and Customer Service. Each area comprises a set of platforms and the people and systems that support them. It is intended to inform the DC GIS Steering Committee (GISSC) and OCTO executive leadership in support of the DC GIS governance processes, including the budget meeting, which was called for in the strategic plan to occur in the fall of each year, with a two-year budget outlook. This current plan looks at fiscal years 2010 and 2011 to establish a baseline for budget planning while setting expectations for fiscal year 2012 and beyond. It applies the principles of IT portfolio management to DC GIS programs to classify investments, both current and future, representing a pioneering effort in the application of such techniques to GIS spending. It is anticipated that this plan will be updated and refined on a regular basis.

This Plan uses the conceptual construct of “platform” for organizing program elements and facilitating budget management for DC GIS. The OCTO GIS Group, working within the District’s IT ecosystem, is either managing or leveraging a variety of platforms to support the DC GIS mission, customers and stakeholders. A platform is a base technology (or technologies) on which other technologies, services, or processes are built. In addition, it may be construed as a whole “economic unit” in terms of aggregating budget costs to support it. As platforms evolve, different investment strategies become more or less relevant, depending on both user demand and the technology life-cycle.

Final Report --- Business Plan

Interim Report

District of Columbia Geographic Information System


Matt Crossett, GIS Director

Mario Field, Geospatial Data Manager

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