New Hampshire NHD Geo-Synchronization Network

The project developed and deployed a federated approach for exchanging framework data between state and national data stores using Geo-Synchronization and common National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) data models, services and applications. The project adopted a realistic approach to bridge the gap between current NHD production operations and the vision of the CAP grant. Specifically, it deployed new Geo-Synchronization Services (GSS) with the capability to transform Data Delivery Format (DDF) XML produced by current NHD ArcGIS tools into Web Feature Service Transactions (WFS-T) – providing the capability to support current and future NHD operations simultaneously. The project team also developed a simple web-based application to allow users to upload DDF files produced by current tools to the Geo-Synchronization Service (GSS) - further enabling support to current operations. To support future operations, a complete set of web tools for publishing and reviewing NHD edits from online users was developed and deployed – providing the potential for ‘crowdsourced’ updates of selected hydrography data using Geo-Synchronization. In support of the project the team configured and deployed multiple WFS and Web Map Services (WMS) with state and federal Framework NHD to support operations testing and deployment. Finally, the project coordinated the technical approach by engaging experts from the NHD community and conducted training on the new NHD Geo-Synchronization tools. The results of the project are a logical extension of NH DES’s stewardship agreement with USGS for developing and maintaining the state’s hydrography layer, and will enhance current stewardship practices to enable Geo-Synchronization and more participation in NHD. 

Final Report

Interim Report

Project Introduction Slides

New Hampshire Geological Survey, New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services (NH DES)



Rick Chormann, New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services, Senior Hydrogeologist

Jeff Harrison