Taking It to the Next Level: NCStreetMap 2.0 Local to State Transformational Data Exchange

This project focused on creating a solution to the challenges of sharing transportation data between local, regional, and state organizations. The fundamental problem is the ability of local government spatial data stewards to maintain their framework transportation data in their native formats (designed to meet their business needs), while also sharing the data with State and Federal Agencies who need data in a common format to aggregate contributions from many producers into seamless statewide and national products. The Eastern Carolina Council, the NC Department of Transportation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and the NC Working Group for Roads and Transportation (WGRT) have partnered with The Carbon Project to develop a cloud-based solution that involves a master schema for road centerlines, defined by the NC Community Street Centerline Data Exchange Standard, and an open data platform that enables local data stewards to upload and translate their street centerline data into a common data model. Street centerline data from over 80 counties in North Carolina has been uploaded into the deployed Carbon ‘Transformer’.

Final Report

Interim Report

Eastern Carolina Council of Governments


Alex W. Rickard, Planning Director, Eastern Carolina Council of Governments Co-Chair, WGRT
252-638-3185 ext. 3021

Janet Lowe, Spatial Data Manager, NC DOT GIS Unit & Co-Chair, WGRT

David Wyatt, GIS Manager, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians