DC Metro Metadata Dissemination

The Westat/Global View team offered metadata training to geospatial professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Our proposal included a panel of four sessions that would be offered during the fall of 2010, and again in the winter/spring of 2011. Both classroom and WebEx presentations were planned. Eight sessions have been completed that included 134 geospatial professionals drawn largely from the federal government, and from state and local agencies in Maryland.  Many of the people attended more than one seminar offered in the series. Several people were able to attend all four seminars in the series.    The overall tone of the evaluations of the eight seminars was positive and the classes were well received. On-line, WebEx presentations presented opportunities for a greater number of participants drawn from a broader geographic area.

Final Report  -- Metadata training slides (8MB zipped file)

Interim Report

Project Introduction Presentation

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