Alaska GIS Strategic and Business Plan Development and Advancement

The Alaska Geospatial Planning effort proved to be very valuable in demonstrating to the stakeholders and State leadership that intergovernmental coordination would save money, streamline efforts and improve interoperability. It also demonstrated to the stakeholders that coordination would benefit them if it were conducted in an open and transparent manner. In the beginning there were some fears that a coordination council would have oversight of individual projects. This was overcome.

The plans which were developed in a stakeholder driven process, identify four primary goals to be implemented by the plans:

1. Establish a sustainable participatory governance structure to effectively and efficiently coordinate and communicate geospatial efforts;
2. Ensure statewide spatial data and technology are available to as many potential users as possible and are developed, managed and coordinated according to best practices;
3. Expand and improve the use and awareness of geospatial technologies through increased collaborative educational opportunities and outreach, and
4. Identify and secure sustainable funding sources to support ongoing statewide geospatial programs.

Final Report -- Executive Summary of Strategic and Business Plans -- Strategic Plan -- Business Plan

Interim Report

 Alaska Mapped


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Anne Johnson

Karen Felts

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