Implementing Best Practices for Road Centerline Data Sharing in Oregon

Oregon's Geospatial Enterprise Office (DAS-GEO), in cooperation with Oregon State University (OSU), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), and Oregon Emergency Management, applied for and was awarded a 2010 National Spatial Data Infrastructure CAP Category 7, Demonstration of Geospatial Data Partnerships across Local, State, Tribal, and Federal Government, grant. The award focused on Implementing Best Practices for Road Centerline Data Sharing in Oregon. The Institute for Natural Resources and OSU Libraries was hired to perform the work which involved completion of eight tasks. These eight tasks represent Phase 2 of the Transportation portal enhancements for the Oregon Spatial Data Library (OSDL) and were identified through conversations with DAS-GEO and the outcome of a scoping process with the Transportation Framework Implementation Team (TFIT) on October 27, 2011. With this scope of work, the existing OSDL Transportation portal was enhanced and best practices for sharing transportation data were reported on to address and inform the business needs of DAS-GEO, ODOT and other partners involving in gathering, maintaining and distributing road centerline data.

Final Report

Interim Report (Jan 31, 2011) -- Intermin Report (Mar 12, 2012)

Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office


Cy Smith

Milt Hill