List of 2008 NSDI CAP Projects

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For guidance on the Standard Form 272 (Federal Cash Transactions Report) and Standard Form 269 (Financial Status Report) see the CAP Administrative Guidance page. This page also contains information about the interim and final report formats.

Cat Award No. Cooperator Title Primary Investigator Start Date Interim Report Final Report
1 08HQAG0016 Northern Arizona University
Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
Metadata Training and Outreach for Tribal Environmental Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau Neil Cobb 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 12/18/2009
1 08HQAG0030 Sonoma Ecology Center
University Metadata Training and Regional Outreach Deanne DiPietro 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 06/30/2009
1 08HQAG0031 Innovate!, Inc.
EPA and Partners Geospatial Metadata Implementation Project Jessica Zichichi 04/28/2008 Interim done Final done 05/28/2009
1 08HQAG0015 George Mason University
Joint Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing (CISC)
Metadata Training for Earth Science and Cyberinfrastructure Communities Phil Yang 09/01/2008 Interim done

Final done 08/31/2009

CubeWerx USA Role-based Access Control - Best Practices for Geospatial Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Jeff Harrison 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 11/30/2009
2 08HQAG0026 Indiana University
The Polis Center-IUPUI (Polis)
Community Grids Lab
Geospatial Service Oriented Architecture for Flood Inundation Mapping and Hazard Assessment David Bodenhamer 05/21/2008 Interim done Final done 09/28/2009
2 08HQAG0035 Image Matters, LLC Documenting Best Practices in Geospatial Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through the Development of a Wetlands Permitting Solution John Davidson 03/26/2008 Interim done
Final done 09/28/2009
3 G08AC00033 (formerly 08HQAG0006) Nebraska Department of Administrative Services - Office of the Chief Information Officer Nebraska Spatial Data Strategic Planning — Laying the Foundation for Communication and Collaboration Nathan Watermeier 05/01/2008 Interim done Final done 11/07/2012
3 08HQAG0010 South Carolina Department of Natural Resources South Carolina GIS State Outreach Timothy De Troye 02/29/2008 Interim done Final done 11/30/2009
3 08HQAG0009 Hawai`i Geographic Information Coordinating Council Strategic and Business Plan Development for the Hawai`i Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) Ron Salz 02/29/2008 Interim done Final done 10/21/2009
Governor’s Office of Information Technology, State of Colorado An Enterprise Architecture Plan for Colorado Geospatial Information Technology Jon Gottsegen 02/29/2008 Interim done Final done 12/18/2009
3 08HQAG0007 Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Administration, State of Idaho Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of Enterprise GIS in Idaho
Gail Ewart 02/29/2008 Interim done Final done 04/27/2009
3 08HQAG0008 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia’s Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the Fifty States Initiative Danielle Ayan 02/29/2008 Interim done Final done 05/28/2009
3 08HQAG0011 Virgin Islands Geospatial Information Council (VIGIC) Development of a Strategic Plan for Building the Virgin Islands Spatial Data Infrastructure Theresa Anduze-Parris 02/29/2008
Interim done Final done 10/04/2010
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Statatewide Geospatial Council (SGC) Strategic Plan and Business Plan Development Melissia Hinton 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 06/29/2009
4 08HQAG0134 The Carbon Project
Cross-Border Content and Services for Critical Infrastructure Identification Jeff Harrison
Interim done

Final done 10/15/2009

Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC) Building Stewardship Capacity for Structures and Transportation Geodata within the Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure Jim Giglierano 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 12/31/2009
5 08HQAG0061
West Virginia University
West Virginia GIS Technical Center
Building Stewardship of Integrated Statewide Structure and Transportation Geospatial Databases in West Virginia Kurt Donaldson 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 07/01/2009
5 08HQAG0062
Minnesota Land Management Information Center (LMIC) Minnesota Structures Collaborative – An Initiative to Support the National Map and NSDI John Hoshal 06/01/2008 Interim done Final done 2/26/2010
5 08HQAG0060
Towson University
Center for GIS (CGIS)
Structures Data Themes for Maryland and the National Capital Region Ardys Russakis 05/01/2008 Interim done Final done 11/02/2009
6 08HQAG0032
Coordinate Solutions The National Vegetation Classification Standard: Implementation and Outreach for the State of Oklahoma Todd Fagin 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 04/13/2009
6 08HQAG0034 Delta State University
Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies
A Proposed Course and Modular Curriculum For FGDC Standards Adoption and Implementation Talbot Brooks 04/01/2008 Interim done Final done 04/21/2010
6 08HQAG0027 North Carolina Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (CGIA)
Implementing the Standard for the U.S. National Grid Zsolt Nagy 04/18/2008
Interim done Final done 08/17/2009
6 08HQAG0033 University of Montana
Montana Natural Heritage Program
Outreach and training on the National Vegetation Classification system to support framework layer development in Montana Linda Vance 09/30/2008 Interim Done Final done 09/29/2010)