Strategic and Business Plan Development for the Hawai`i Geographic Information Coordinating Council

With input from the Hawaii geospatial community, a unified vision of the role of the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) was formulated on the auspicious occasion of its 10th anniversary. The strategic and business planning processes captured the current thoughts and desires of a broad spectrum of participants. Funding provided through the Fifty States CAP 3 process, enabled HIGICC to collect information through online surveys, group interviews, and individual meetings with key stakeholders. The resulting Strategic and Business Plan goals were both internally and externally focused -- internal to strengthen the Board's governance, solidify the Council’s finances, and focus the organization's efforts; and external to improve outreach to the geospatial and broader communities, and coordinate data acquisition, development, and synthesis among stakeholders.

The plans were approved by HIGICC's Board and the results shared at a conference jointly sponsored by HIGICC and the Hawaii Congress of Planning Officials (HCPO), "Building Resilient Communities". There are many challenges ahead, including coordinating and motivating volunteers, and continuing to reach out to underrepresented segments of the broader geospatial community. But the nature of this community, these islands, is to work together to create better products and services through stronger and more supportive relationships.

Final Report -- Strategic Plan -- Business Plan -- Web site for Strategic and Business Plan

Interim Report

Hawai`i Geographic Information Coordinating Council


Ron Salz, President HIGICC (2007-2009)

Authur Buto,  President HIGICC (2009-2010)

Henry Wolter, USGS Hawai`i and Pacific Islands Geospatial Liaison

Royce Jones, Vice President, HIGICC

Craig Tasaka, State of Hawai`i, Office of Planning

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