Nebraska Spatial Data Strategic Planning — Laying the Foundation for Communication and Collaboration

The primary goal of this project was to develop an enterprise-level strategic plan to guide the development of the spatial data infrastructure for Nebraska. There were two secondary goals of this project. One was to begin identifying business cases for two existing priority enterprise-level initiatives: a statewide street centerline/address database and an enterprise geospatial data sharing and web services network. The other was to strengthen the coordination infrastructure by developing and/or strengthening multiple channels for future communication and collaboration. The planning effort involved extensive outreach and input from Nebraska's diverse geospatial stakeholder community which included members of local, county, state and federal governments, academia, the private sector and Natural Resource Districts. These outreach efforts helped to characterize the existing conditions of geospatial activity in Nebraska and the needs for the state to conduct necessary business using geospatial data and technologies. It also identified two central challenges. The findings identified significant communication gaps, a lack of awareness of the NITC GIS Council and a misunderstanding of state government's interests. There has also been inadequate progress in building a Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure and making those data available to both public and private sector stakeholders. The outcomes of the strategic plan identified three additional business plans that extend beyond the original goals of this project. These plans include the creation, maintenance and distribution of the Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure layers, enhance holdings and sharing of geospatial data through NebraskaMAP, and a technical assistance and education outreach plan.

Final Report -- Strategic Plan

Interim Repor 1  -- Interim Report 2

Nebraska Department of Administrative Services - Office of the Chief Information Officer


Nathan Watermeier, GIS Administrative Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer, State of Nebraska GIS Council/NITC

Larry Zink (retired)

James Langtry, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Nebraska

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