Georgia’s Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the Fifty States Initiative

Geospatial approaches to business are not yet embraced at the enterprise level in Georgia. Further, on June 30, 2009 funding will be terminated by the Georgia Technology Authority for the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse, housed under our State’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SSDI):

However, given the timely FGDC 2008 CAP Grant funding for Statewide Strategic Planning last year, the project lead was able to devote time to geospatial advocacy and strategic planning across Georgia with help from many of her colleagues in the geospatial community. FGDC funds were used for the following activities:

Revamped GaSDI architecture
Hired consultant "in-the-know" (former Deputy Executive Director of GTA)
Created statewide Geospatial Maturity Assessment
Facilitated GIS Inventory training through Georgia Regional Development Centers
Worked with private sector to offer Senior Administrator Technology Briefing, "Connecting People, Places and Policy" by former 2-term Governor of WY
Debriefed Governor Perdue and Policy Staff, Agency Commissioners
Brought senior level staff from the Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget to NSGIC
Brought Cy Smith, COGO Chair and former NSGIC Chair, to panel presentation for Georgia Digital Government Summit
Present and gather input regarding Georgia’s Geospatial Landscape (>700 people and 65-plus agency administrators)

Georgia Geospatial Strategic Plan

Final Report

Interim Report

Georgia Institute of Technology

Danielle Ayan

Keith McFadden, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Georgia


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