An Enterprise Architecture Plan for Colorado Geospatial Information Technology

The goal of this project is to develop a business plan for integrating geospatial technologies and coordination with the IT consolidation and enterprise architecture efforts of the Colorado State CIO. It will identify the specific points of the CIO’s consolidation framework that involve or influence geospatial technologies in the state and will leverage analyses and development efforts pursued for the consolidation framework. It will develop a geospatial business profile for the state’s enterprise architecture and will recommend an organizational structure for a state enterprise-wide infrastructure to support geospatial operations. It will also plan to incorporate a geospatial data sharing framework between local, state, regional and federal government partners thus reducing costly redundancies and data collection efforts. Last, it will suggest potential policy, administrative or statutory changes to incorporate geospatial technologies more effectively into state government operations.

Final Report -- Colorado Geospatial Enterprise Architecture

Interim Report

Governor’s Office of Information Technology, State of Colorado


Jon Gottsegen, State GIS Coordinator, State of Colorado

Matthew Krusemark, Denver Regional Council of Governments

Simon Montagu, Denver Regional Council of Governments,

Chip Taylor, Colorado Counties, Inc.

Jim Castagneri, US Census Bureau

Mark Eaton, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Colorado

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