Metadata Training and Outreach for Tribal Environmental Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau

This project will continue the work to reach out to tribal organizations lacking established metadata programs to aid metadata implementation. This project will provide four 1.5-day on-site and two remotely located FGDC compliant metadata creation trainings to tribal governments within the Colorado Plateau region for the maintenance of geospatial and environmental datasets. The MPCER will provide access to their registered clearinghouse for the publishing and harvesting of metadata. MPCER will work with institutions that are also developing metadata to ensure the community is building regional to national competency in an efficient and effective manner. MPCER will provide an overview of other NSDI programs. The tribal environmental professionals will be trained in the basics of creating internet maps in order to facilitate the inclusion of tribal data in the NSDI and The National Map. This proposal will train the CSDGM Standard as well as the Biological Data Profile.

Final Report (PDF)

Interim Report  (PDF)

Project Introduction Presentation (PDF)

Northern Arizona University
Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research


Neil Cobb, MPCER Director

Other contacts:

Kirsten Ironside, MPCER GIS Coordinator
Paul Heinrich, MPCER Information Technology Manager