Building Stewardship of Integrated Statewide Structure and Transportation Geospatial Databases in West Virginia

This project integrated locally produced, high resolution, spatially and temporally accurate structure and transportation data into the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. This locally produced 1:4800 scale data from the Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board now serves as the foundation for the structure and road centerline GIS layers in West Virginia. County-level maintenance of these locally produced layers is performed by the county E-911 offices, while state-level integration of county E-911 data is performed by the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The structure and road centerline data themes can be integrated into nationwide databases as was done with the newly re-aligned TIGER roads released by Census in December 2008. In addition, the project focused on the improved utilization of the structures data by creating a bulk geocoding service for site addresses. Although this project served as a catalyst for the integration of locally derived transportation and structure data into nationwide databases, challenges still exist regarding the long term maintenance of these framework base layers. In the future, a funded project by the West Virginia Department of Transportation will review the technical issues regarding the feasibility of a shared road network in West Virginia which incorporates linear referencing, addressing, and routing capabilities.

Final Report

Interim Report -- Base Layer Development Status

West Virginia University Research Corporation


Kurt Donaldson