Cross-Border Content and Services for Critical Infrastructure Identification

Since project kickoff in July 2008 the Cross-Border SDI Project made significant progress deploying new online data, services and applications to support critical infrastructure (CI) identification using a common SDI for Canada and the US. In particular, the project has developed and deployed four online services based on OGC Web Feature Service (WFS), Filter and GML standards and CubeWerx software. The services are located in Montana and Quebec and constitute possible initial nodes for a Cross-Border SDI (CBSDI) Network. Each WFS also implements a prototype role-based access control framework - meaning there is a now testbed for a security framework that ensures CI information goes to the people that are supposed to have it. The project also made substantial progress integrating infrastructure data models used by Montana with the National Infrastructure Data Models (NIDM) from Canada, with input from the DHS Geospatial Data Model - the result of this effort is an integrated "Common" data model and new GML community schema for cross-border infrastructure data exchange called CBSDI GML. The project also pioneered the implementation of dynamic, local-to-community GML schema transformation for infrastructure data - meaning each WFS speaks both its national schema and an agreed-upon community schema (powered by the same underlying databases). As of September 2009, cross-border SDI users are now able to access the four data services using the free Gaia 3.4 SDI platform from The Carbon Project, web-based applications from CubeWerx, and CarbonArc PRO, an SDI interoperability extension for ESRI's ArcGIS from The Carbon Project. The project has been successfully briefed in multiple community venues including CANUS, GEOINT 2008, the FGDC Homeland Security Working Group (HSWG), HIFLD, the first Geospatial SOA and Cloud Computing Workshop in Washington, DC, and will be presented at the 2009 ASCE Conference in October. In the future, the collaborative group working on this effort will seek to advance the GML community schema for cross-border infrastructure data exchange, CBSDI GML, and register the Cross-Border WFS with the GOS Portal. For more information please visit

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Jeff Harrison, The Cabon Project President and CEO

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Edric Keighan, President & CEO, CubeWerx, Inc.