South Carolina

South Carolina GIS State Outreach

South Carolina used the FiftyStates Initiative CAP award to help develop a strategic plan for the state for GIS.  This was accomplished through a series of consensus building exercises that were specifically focused on the input of local government participants.  The results of these outreach sessions provided information on what the local government organizations needed and found to be valuable.  These same needs were in many cases identical to what the state agencies required.  These were then solidified into a series of pilot projects in order to focus on data building across jurisdictional boundaries to help facilitate better decision making.  Furthermore, needs for more active levels of communication were voiced.  This resulted in a series of talking points which were developed for working with decision makers in order to better communicate the importance and value of GIS and GIS data.  As funding and data sharing are two key issues in South Carolina, a research/interview trip was conducted to visit with state and local government representatives from a state that has several programs South Carolina currently does not, namely a State Geographic Information Officer, and a legislated funding mechanism for GIS data development and maintenance.

Final Report  -- South Carolina Strategic Plan -- SCGIS Marketing Plan -- Address Points Program Factsheet

Interim Report

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources


Dr. Timothy De Troye, GISP
South Carolina GIS Coordinator

Gary Merrill, USGS Geospatial Liaison for South Carolina

James D. Scurry, Ph.D.
South Carolina GIS Coordinator Technology Development Program Director

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