Documenting Best Practices in Geospatial Service Oriented Architecture through the Development of a Wetlands Permitting Solution

Image Matters led the collaborative development of two interdependent project components related to multiagency interactions related to wetlands permit evaluation. The project goals were to: (1) refine SOA best practices through implementation experience, by developing and integrating Web services to enhance the capabilities of DARTER, a SOA-based tool that facilitates EPA and ACE’s Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 missions, in a manner that supports the US Fish and Wildlife Service mission of National Wetland Inventory (NWI) data provision, and (2) produce guidance materials that document the best practices and lessons learned about the SOA process for business process modeling, use case and requirements elucidation, service design, development, implementation, integration, testing and operational deployment. Generic Web Processing Services (WPS) performing "intersection" and "proximity" geo-analytical processes through an OGC-compliant interface were built, tested, and packaged for public distribution using the documented SOA process. A client application - the "JD Analyzer", was also developed to demonstrate the use of the "JDA WPS" in a stand-alone application which performed key geospatial analyses to support the jurisdictional determination (JD) of wetlands in the Section 404 permitting process. The JD Analyzer utilized the WPS to request and consume USGS National Hydrographic Dataset (NHD) and NWI features via OGC WFS. The documented SOA process was presented, along with live demonstrations of the JD Analyzer, at several federal conferences and workgroup meetings.

Best Practices in SOA-based Geospatial Services (PDF)
Use Cases  (PDF)
Design documentation – EPA Wetlands JD Analyzer (PDF)
Installation and Configuration documentation - EPA Wetlands JD Analyzer (PDF)
Geoanalytical Support for EPA’s DARTER Application via OGC® Web Processing Services (WPS) (PDF)
Presentation at Geospatial SOA / Cloud Workshop 9 June 2009 (PDF)
JDA WPS deployment file

Final Report (PDF)
Interim Report  (PDF)

GISciences 2008 SOA Workshop, Park City, Utah PowerPoint Presentation

Project Introduction Presentation  (PDF)

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John Davidson, Image Matters, LLC

Other contacts:

Jeff Ehman

Tod Dabolt, EPA Lead

Bill Wilen, FWS Lead