Outreach and training on the National Vegetation Classification system to support framework layer development in Montana

The project developed a complete guide to the NVC (Version 2), as well as a condensed guide. The guides include a glossary of terminology for both first time users and experienced personnel who need a refresher. Three PowerPoint presentations were created for on-line and in classroom use. The PowerPoint presentations include 1) a general overview of how vegetation is classified, suitable for both ecologists and mappers; 2) a detailed description of methods to implement the NVC standard protocol during vegetation sampling; and 3) an introduction to the steps involved in creating vegetation maps from remotely sensed and field data, intended for ecologists who do not have a background in computer-based mapping. Two training sessions were held for agency field personnel. Powerpoints and handouts have been made available via ftp and on their Web site.

Final Report (PDF)

Interim Report  (PDF)

Project Introduction Presentation  (PDF)

Montana Natural Heritage Program


Linda Vance, Ph.D, Ecologist/Senior Projects Manager

Karen Newlon

Tara Luna