List of 2011 NSDI CAP Projects

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Cat Award No. Cooperator Title Primary Investigator Start Date Interim Report Final Report and 425
1 G11AC20058 Central Florida GIS Workshop, Inc. Central Florida Metadata Training Initiative Stanimira Bourova 05/01/2011 Interim done Final done 12/20/2012
1 G11AC20062 Iowa Geographic Information Council Iowa Metadata Outreach Project James Giglierano 06/01/2011

December 2011
April 2012

Final done 2/27/2013
1 G11AC20057 Northern Arizona University/Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
Metadata Training and Outreach for Tribal Environmental Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau Paul Heinrich 06/01/2011 Interim done Final Report
2 G11AC20061 Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership - Incorporation and Promotion of NSDI Cadastral Standards John Olivier 06/01/2011 Interim done
Final done 06/04/2012
2 G11AC20053 Spatial Focus, Inc. Quality and Data Exchange Tool Design for United States Thoroughfare, Landmark and Postal Address Data Standard Martha Wells
03/28/2011 Interim done Final done 09/25/2012
2 G11AC20060 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University/Conservation Management Institute
Wetland Mapping Standard Implementation, Outreach and Training Materials Scott Klopfer
04/01/2011 Interim done Final done 11/29/2012
3 G11AC20063 New Jersey Office of Information Technology New Jersey Spatial Data Infrastructure Implementation: I-Team Strategic Plan Update and Business Plan Andrew Rowan
04/01/2011 Interim done Final done 12/28/2012
3 G11AC20052 State of Tennessee, Department of Finance and Administration  Tennessee Enhanced Elevation Business Plan  Dennis Pedersen 02/25/2011 Interim done Final Done 02/14/2012 
4 G11AC20051 California Technology Agency  Business Plan Development and Implementation: California Geospatial Governmental Boundary Business Plan  Scott Gregory 02/25/2011 Project cancelled Project cancelled
4 G11AC20054 Florida Department of Transportation  Business Plan Development and Implementation Jared Causseaux 03/25/2011 Interim done Final done 06/22/2012
4 G11AC20050 Idaho State University Idaho State University Multi-State Planning and Implementation of Geodetic Control Framework Components  Keith Weber 02/14/2011 Interim done Final done 02/14/2012 
4 G11AC20046 Louisiana State University and A&M College/Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC)  Louisiana Business Plan for Statewide Address Management
Craig Johnson
02/25/2011 Interim done Final done 12/07/2012
4 G11AC20048 Minnesota Geospatial Information Office  A Business Plan for Statewide Parcel Data Integration for Minnesota  David Arbeit
07/01/2011 Interim done Final done 01/24/2013
4 G11AC20049 Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center  Maximizing Accessibility of the Utah Geospatial Infrastructure  Spencer Jenkins 02/25/2011 Interim done Final done 08/24/2012
4 G11AC20064 Marshall University Research Corporation/Nick. J Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute  Statewide Cadastral Layer Business Plan for West Virginia  Diane Long 02/11/2011 Interim done Final done 05/07/2012
4 G11AC20047 University of Wisconsin/Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office  Business Plan Development for a Wisconsin Aerial Imaging Program  Howard Veregin
02/25/2011 Interim done Final done 07/25/2013
5 G11AC20059 State of Maine, Maine Office of GIS  Development of "Return on Investment" Documentation for the Proposed Maine Orthoimagery Program Michael Smith
04/04/2011 Interim done Final done 09/18/2012
5 G11AC20055 Multnomah County, Oregon  Measuring Virtual USA ROI – A Multnomah County Case Study  Chris Clancy. Cy Smith 03/25/2011 Interim done Final done 07/02/2013
5 G11AC20056 New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services - Office of Cyber Security  New York Statewide Imagery Return on Investment Study  Tim Ruhren
03/23/2011 Interim done Final done 05/22/2013
6 G11AC20044 NatureServe  Advancement of the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard to Final Draft  Kathy Goodin 03/11/2011 Interim done Final done 04/17/2012