Wetland Mapping Standard Implementation, Outreach and Training Materials

The purpose of this project was to facilitate implementation of FGDC-endorsed wetland standards in user communities by developing technical recommendations to address key technical challenges referenced within the FGDC Wetland Mapping Standard (handling and tracking wetland unique identifiers) and in its Implementation Plan (tracking of polygon lineage and change). And in doing so, the goal was to advance the state of the science, as well as add to training resources and opportunities, and provide needed outreach on these issues. There are currently no nationally accepted standards, conventions, protocols, or tools for creating wetland site names and other stable (not likely to change within a defined set) unique identifier codes. The Conservation Management Institute (CMI), the Wetland Mapping Consortium (WMC), and Jane Awl Consulting (JAC) worked with members of the affected wetlands science community to develop and vet technical recommendations for developing and testing wetland naming and coding methods applicable to national-scale wetland tracking and monitoring needs. This information was presented and discussed at relevant national and regional professional meetings, as well as in national webinars and teleconferences. As an outcome of this project, the Wetland Names Working Group (WNWG) of the Wetland Mapping Consortium (WMC) was formed to pursue the testing, development, and implementation of methodologies and a national standard for wetland names and codes. As of 2012, WNWG has more than 40 members representing federal, state, and nonprofit organizations, as well as universities and other entities engaged in mapping wetlands.

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Interim Report

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Presentation (PowerPoint Version) for 9th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference, June 5, 2012

Presentation for Soil Science Society of America, October 18, 2011

Project Introduction Presentation (PDF)

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