Business Plan Development and Implementation

The Florida Orthophotography Business Plan defines the framework that will lead to the creation, maintenance, and distribution of a standardized terrestrial orthophotography basemap for Florida that meets the needs of local, State, and Federal stakeholders. The plan recommends a course of action necessary to support periodic Statewide imagery acquisition, facilitate the adoption of technical standards, and formalize data distribution.

The plan focuses on the activities and investment necessary to support a Statewide terrestrial orthophotography basemap that meets minimum requirements for the majority of public and private users. This minimum requirement—12 inch pixel, true color, leaf off imagery—has been shown to meet the majority of public and private needs.  Often users will require higher resolution orthophotography and a variety of additional value added geospatial products. The plan recommends these value added products be available as additional cost deliverables for any orthophotography project undertaken. The organization needing the enhanced products would bear the burden of paying the incremental additional costs for those products.

Benefits from a coordinated statewide program of orthophotography to the State of Florida will include improved consistency of orthophotography products, standardized formats for storage and distribution, elimination of duplicative data collection projects, and broader distribution to support the State and National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Funded in part by the US Geological Survey through a Cooperative Agreement Program grant, this Plan represents the culmination of an open and transparent business planning process where more than 300 interested parties contributed input.

Final Report -- Florida Orthophotography Business Plan  -- Appendices

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Jared Causseaux, GIS Coordinator, FDOT

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