A Business Plan for Statewide Parcel Data Integration for Minnesota

This project produced a detailed Business Plan for acquiring, integrating, managing and providing access to accurate, current and consistent parcel data (both digital spatial and attribute) for the entire State of Minnesota, based on maintained and authoritative county sources.

Development of a statewide parcel dataset is considered a high priority for Minnesota stakeholders. While several programs exist to collect and distribute parcel data within regional groups or single state agencies, a comprehensive process for combining parcel data statewide has never been established. This Business Plan puts forth an approach for constructing a statewide parcel data layer building upon past investments recognizing most Minnesota counties maintain some digital spatial parcel data and all counties maintain descriptive attribute parcel data. The plan includes strategies to address varied circumstances among Minnesota’s 87 counties including: available data, data formats, technologies, resources, distribution/redistribution and cost recovery policies, and liability concerns. These circumstances are documented in the Business Plan’s appendences and addressed with suggested tactics contained in the implementation section. The Business Plan recognizes impediments exist that will require time, education, communication, and innovative approaches to resolve to achieve the goal of attaining at least 90% statewide parcel data integration within five years.

The next step is to generate a tactical plan over the next few months’ which would include: development of a “standardized” license agreement and disclaimer statement, identification of a parcel data transfer framework, coordination with a Revenue Department parcel project, as well as some aggregation of county parcel data on a regional basis.

Final Report -- Business Plan for Statewide Parcel Data Integration -- Appendices

Interim Report

Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)


David Arbeit

Fred Logman

Christopher Cialek

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