Metadata Training and Outreach for Tribal Environmental Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau

The Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research conducted two public metadata workshops and two public web mapping workshops.  They also conducted campus-community only web mapping and metadata workshops for small numbers of students during the summer of 2012. The public metadata workshops were held on April 19 & 20, 2012 and October 18 & 19, 2012.  Web mapping workshops were held on May 25, 2012 and August 17, 2012 at NAU.  All workshops were held at Northern Arizona University.  Due to the loss of one of our metadata trainers and a position change for our lead trainer we had considerable difficulty scheduling workshops. 

Final Report

Interim Report

Presentation for March 2012 Metadata Working Group

Project Introduction Slides (PDF)

Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPCER)

Geospatial Research and Information Laboratory (GRAIL)


Paul Heinrich, MPCER IT Manager

Mark Manone, GRAIL Director