Tennessee Enhanced Elevation Business Plan

The State of Tennessee, OIR GIS Services, in conjunction with Applied Geographics and AECOM, has completed thier work to develop a business plan for enhanced elevation data.  This business plan builds upon the success of the initial data production efforts of the Tennessee Base Mapping Program and identifies the specific business needs of enhanced elevation GIS data for the state.  The flood events of 2010 and 2011, and the need to improve planning and mitigation for future flood events, are highlighted as primary business drivers in the plan. 

Outreach activities were crucial for developing the broad based support for this effort.  Twenty interviews were conducted and 5 regional workshops were held that provided the stakeholders with an opportunity to provide suggestions and comments on why and how a statewide mapping effort of enhanced elevation data would benefit their interests and goals. 

Final Report -- Enhanced Elevation Business Plan -- Enhanced Elevation Technical Specifications

Interim Report

State of Tennessee, Dept. Finance & Administration, Office for Information Resources, GIS Services


Dennis Pedersen

Chris Meeks

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