Maximizing Accessibility of the Utah Geospatial Infrastructure

The opportunity to develop project plans and execute against a previous CAP Grant project that established a strategic plan for Utah’s SSDI has helped the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center initiate a transition towards better data governance and increased accessibility of it valuable data repository.

During the course of this grant, AGRC launched three initiatives to support its strategic objectives:

  • A revamped website (gis.utah.gov) that focuses on ease of use and accessibility to the most popular data and services in the state’s SSDI - the Statewide Geographic Information Database (complete).
  • Refine governance of key datasets statewide by seeking formal support from key
    government associations (30% complete).
  • Launch an initiative to maintain a master address file statewide (50% complete).

Rapidly changing online technologies and the increased expectations of end users for accessing data are two key drivers. More is being asked of geographic data by more users. Data resources must be made more accessible, more accurate, and more authoritative.

Final Report

Interim Report 

Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center


Spencer Jenkins, Director, Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center

Bert Granberg, Manager, Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center

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