Federal Metadata Coordinator Webinar: ISO Geospatial Metadata Implementation

The FGDC Metadata Program hosted a webinar in April of 2013 to address the ISO Geospatial Metadata Implementation issues raised during the October 2011 Metadata Summit. This series of Stakeholder outreach efforts, along with the continuing ISO Metadata Implementation Forum, are intended to increase awareness about ISO geospatial metadata standards and engage the community in moving forward with implementation. Through presentations and discussion during the two half day webinar sessions, the participants sought to:

  • develop a common language and understanding of ISO geospatial metadata standards and implementation issues,
  • focus on actions (roadmaps) required to transition an Agency to ISO metadata,
  • identify available ISO metadata resources, and
  • establish a community of practice with regular communication and interaction.

Webinar Agenda (pdf)

Presentations from Day One: ISO Metadata Standards

Presentations from Day Two: ISO Metadata Implementation

 Additional Materials

For more information, contact: Jennifer Carlino, FGDC Metadata Coordinator, jcarlino@usgs.gov or send an email to fgdc@fgdc.gov.