The Metadata Working Group established under the auspices of the Federal Geographic Data Committee promotes and coordinates geospatial metadata activities among FGDC member agencies in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The Metadata Working Group promotes awareness among FGDC member agencies of the metadata dimension to geospatial data; to facilitate the evolution and revision of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM); and to establish a mechanism for the coordination, development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial metadata. among FGDC member agencies. The MWG Charter has more information about the organization of the working group and its activities.

Recent accomplishments

FY 2015 Accomplishments

In fiscal year 2015, the Metadata Working Group (MWG) provided direct support to the FGDC Metadata Program and actively engaged in a range of NSDI initiatives, including the following:

  • Participation and presentations within the MWG quarterly teleconferences, FGDC Standards Working Group, ISO Implementation Forum sessions, and Open Geospatial Consortium North American Forum (June 2015).
  • Participation in metadata activities supporting the NGDA Management Plan, Project Open Data,, and
  • Assessment of the NSDI Strategic Plan and the role of metadata to support specific tasks.
  • Published and provided user reviews to the FGDC ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors Registry.
  • Served as the primary conduit for the communication about geospatial metadata and other related semantic  and structural (nongeospatial) metadata standards, tools, training, and implementation.
  • Coordinated with the INCITS-L1 group who provided regular ISO geospatial metadata updates for the MWG.

Activity Reports

The FGDC MWG provides progress reports to the FGDC Coordination Group. These reports contain the most current updates on the activities of the Working Group.

All updates

MWG News & Announcements

No recent MWG news or announcements.

Meeting materials

The Metadata Working group meets via teleconference quarterly (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec).

In non-MWG meeting months, the FGDC hosts  ISO Geospatial Metadata Implementation Forum where participants present information about ISO metadata implementation efforts and resources.


The FGDC ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors Registry was developed to address regular requests from the NSDI community for information about available ISO geospatial metadata editors. The FGDC Metadata Working Group (MWG) provided guidance as to editor features commonly used as selection criteria.