Metadata Working Group Membership

For those individuals interested in becoming a Member of the Metadata Working Group, please submit your request to

Academia - A.J. Wortley   University of Wisconsin - Madison

Academia - Amy Logan   Iowa State University

Academia - Andy Rosenburg   Virginia Tech

Academia - Bruce Godfrey   University of Idaho

Academia - Cecile Morris   Indiana University Northwest

Academia - Chaowei Yang   George Mason University

Academia - Craig Johnson   Louisiana State University

Academia - Craig Palmer   University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Academia - Eric Hopkins   West Virginia University

Academia - James Wilson   James Madison University

Academia - Jessica Moy   Michigan State University

Academia - John McGee   Virginia Tech

Academia - John Scialdone   Columbia University - CIESIN

Academia - Justin Booth   Michigan State University

Academia - Kim Durante   Stanford University

Academia - Kristen Ironside   Northern Arizona University - Merriam Powell Center for Environmental Research

Academia - Laura Gleasner   University of New Mexico

Academia - Linda Zellmer   Western Illinois University

Academia - Nancy Wiegand   University of Wisconsin - Madison

Academia - Paul Henrich   Northern Arizona University

Academia - Paul Smith   University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Academia - Pete August   University of Rhode Island

Academia - Tim Mulrooney   Winston-Salem State University

Federal - Alicia Aleman   NASA, Contractor

Federal - Alicyn Hargroves   Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers

Federal - Ana Greene   EPA

Federal - Anna Milan   NOAA

Federal - Anne Ball   NOAA 

Federal - Annie Pat Johnson   USGS

Federal - Arlene Anderson   DOE - Geothermal Technologies Program

Federal - Bernard Megrey   NOAA

Federal - Bhavana Rakesh   NOAA

Federal - Brigitta Urban-Mathieux   FGDC

Federal - Carol Hayashida Degnan   USGS

Federal - Carrie Wood    NOAA

Federal - Charlene Sylvester    Department of Defense, USACE

Federal - Chris Dietrich   NPS

Federal - Claire DeVaughn   USGS

Federal - Colin Talbert   USGS

Federal - Connie Breckenridge   BLM

Federal - Curtis Price   USGS

Federal - David Stein   NOAA

Federal - Don Wood   Forest Service

Federal - Donna Boreck   DHS - FEMA

Federal - Douglas Nedrich   BOEM

Federal - Douglas Vandegraft   BOEM

Federal - Ellen Neff   NASA, Contractor

Federal - Fred Malkus   US Census Bureau

Federal - Glenn Guempel   USGS

Federal - Gonza Namulanda   CDC

Federal - Harriet Mills   BLM

Federal - J. Steven Nechero   USDA

Federal - Jacqueline Mize   NOAA, Contractor

Federal - JC Coffey   NOAA

Federal - Jennifer Carlino   FGDC

Federal - Jennifer Walter   USGS

Federal - John Courtright   BLM

Federal - Jon Sperling   HUD

Federal - Julie Binder-Maitra   FGDC

Federal - Karen Lee   Forest Service

Federal - Kathy Martinolich   NOAA, Contractor

Federal - Kevin Kirby   EPA

Federal - Kim Jenkins   NOAA

Federal - Kimberly Bahl   NOAA

Federal - Kristen Wobbe   BLM

Federal - Kurt Nelson   NOAA

Federal - Laura Biewick   USGS

Federal - Lisa Delmonico   Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers

Federal - Lisa McBride   USDA

Federal - Lisa Zolly   USGS

Federal - Lori Uhlhorn   USDA

Federal - Louis Yost   USGS

Federal - Lynda Liptrap   US Census Bureau

Federal - Marcia McNiff   USGS

Federal - Mark Alexander   Department of Defense

Federal - Matthew McCready   US Census Bureau

Federal - Michael Braymen   Forest Service

Federal - Michael Donnelly   DHS

Federal - Michael Ierardi   USGS

Federal - Michelle Anthony    USGS, Contractor

Federal - Mitch Lewis   NGA

Federal - Nancy Blyler   Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers

Federal - Olivia Carey   USDA

Federal - Patricia Stiefer   Department of Homeland Security

Federal - Peter Budde   NPS

Federal - Peter Schweitzer   USGS

Federal - Phillip Herndon   NOAA, Contractor

Federal - randy Emero   USDA

Federal - Rebecca Storey   Department of Homeland Security

Federal - Robert Dollison   USGS

Federal - Roger Johnson   NPS

Federal - Ron Selph   USDA

Federal - Rosana Costello   Forest Service

Federal - Samuel Hopper   Department of Defense

Federal - Sarah O'Cconnor   NOAA

Federal - Sean Carlton   NPS

Federal - Sean Denniston   NPS

Federal - Sharon Mesick   NOAA

Federal - Sheri Schneider   USGS

Federal - Steven Christopher   Department of Defense, NGA

Federal - Suzanne Pierson   EPA, Contractor

Federal - Tammy Wong   Library of Congress

Federal - Terry Rhea   FAA

Federal - Tom Burley   USGS

Federal - Tim Liang   USDA

Federal - Todd McNeil   HUD

Federal - Tony Parrillo   GSA

Federal - Torrin Hultgren   EPA, Contractor

Federal - Tyler Stevens   NASA

Federal - Veronica Harris   Department of Defense

Federal - Virginia Emly   Forest Service

Federal - Viv Hutchison   USGS

Federal - Wendy Blake-Coleman   EPA

Federal - William Lazorchak   Library of Congress

Industry - Aleta Vienneau   ESRI, Inc.

Industry - Alexandra Walrath   Innovate! Inc.

Industry - Caroline Roberts   Innovate! Inc.

Industry - Cathy Galgano   Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation

Industry - Charles Heazel   WiSC Enterprises

Industry - Dan Spinosa   Innovate! Inc.

Industry - Dave Danko   ESRI, Inc.

Industry - Fran Bents   Westat, Inc.

Industry - Frank Roberts   Innovate! Inc.

Industry - Jennifer Harar   Intergraph Corporation

Industry - Jim Jenkins   Kucera International, Inc.

Industry - Kit Dwyer   DigitalGlobe, Inc.

Industry - Kris Larson   CDM Smith, Inc.

Industry - Learon Dalby   Sanborn, Inc.

Industry - Lynda Wayne   GeoMaxim

Industry - Marten Hogeweg   ESRI, Inc.

Industry - Mike Carlomusto   Harris Corporation

Industry - Mike Ouimet   Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Industry - Randy Murphy   Grafton Technologies, Inc.

Industry - Sam Moffat   Fugro EarthData, Inc.

Industry - Scott Hills   Chevron Corporation

Industry - Ted Habermann   The HDF Group

Local - Ana Hiraldo-Gomez   Westchester County, New York

Local - Bibi Oung   Miami-Dade County, Florida 

Local - Georgia DeStopelaire   City of Tampa, Florida

Local - Ivelisse Torres   Miami-Dade County, Florida 

Local - Ivette Barbeite-Locay   Miami-Dade County, Florida 

Local - Janet Thornhill   Champaign County Regional Planning Commission

Local - Leanne Brehob-Riley   Champaign County Regional Planning Commission

Local - Martha Guerra   Miami-Dade County, Florida 

Local - Sam Wear   Westchester County, New York

Local - Sang Yoo   Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Local - Susannah Troner   Miami-Dade County, Florida

Local - Tia Morita   County of Los Angeles

NGO - Bryan Sessler   Sonoma Ecology Center

NGO - Caroline Gibson   Northwest Straits

NGO - Deanne DePietro   Point Blue Conservation Science

NGO - Jenee Kresge   National Association of Regional Councils

NGO - Lynn Kutner   Nature Serve

NGO - Suzanne Shull   Northwest Straits

State - Adrienne Ruga   Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

State - Andrew Rowan   State of New Jersey

State - Bob Nutsch   State of North Dakota

State - Casey Kohrt   State of Iowa

State - Chris Cialek   State of Minnesota, LMIC

State - Cy Smith   State of Oregon

State - David Giordano   North Carolina Center for Geographic Information

State - Edith Konopka   State of New Jersey, OIT

State - Jacob Mundt   State of Wyoming

State - Janet Holden   Illinois State Geological Survey

State - Jeff Partridge  State of Missouri, Department of Health and Senior Services

State - Jim Steil   State of Mississippi

State - John Bocchino   State of New Jersey, DEP

State - Jordyn Mitchell   State of Washington

State - Karen Like   Indiana Geological Survey

State - Lyle Hornbaker   State of Virginia

State - Mark Duewell   State of Missouri, Spatial Data Information Service

State - Meredith Payne   State of Washington

State - Mike Dolbow   State of Minnesota

State - Nancy Rader   State of Minnesota, LMIC

State - Nathan Lowry   State of Colorado

State - Nick Mastrodicasa   State of Alaska

State - Sarah Wray   State of North Carolina

State - Seth Hackman   State of New Jersey, DEP

State - Steve Richard   State of Arizona

Tribal - Binke Wang   Penobscot Indian Nation Tribal Administration